Badge-up squares (x4)

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Make your everyday items more rock & roll and show some attitude! Say ENOUGH without the words!

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    Applicable on cotton and denim
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    Easy to iron

These unique ENOUGH iron-on badges make life more fun! Express yourself and say ENOUGH without words. Make your everyday items more rock & roll and badge-up! It makes it easier to bug the system and get away with it ;) Show some attitude! 

The set includes 4 badges:



- 'E' (with friendly bugs)

- 'ENOUGH' (logo with eyes, legs and wings)

Use instructions:

STEP 1: Get one of our recycled denim bags (or simply take your favourite denim jacket)

STEP 2: Place it on the ironing board (No ironing board? No problem! Put an old towel on the floor) 

STEP 3: Heat up the iron to a medium level (2 stars **)

STEP 4: Place the badges where desired and iron slowly for 20 seconds

TIP: put some baking paper between the badges and iron to prevent possible textile discolouration due to heat.

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