Why insects as food

There are so many good things about edible insects so let’s go over some of them briefly.

  • F in Food stands for Fun 

ENOUGH makes food fun again! These days much of the attention goes to what we can’t do anymore or shouldn’t eat. This means we tend to feel guilty about our choices and their potential effect on our health and environment. Even though both arguments are 100% legitimate and should be taken seriously, we think that food is something that should be enjoyed without feeling guilty. We believe that insects can change a simple day into an epic day. Insect foods aren’t that common yet in the West which makes it even more fun and to share them with friends and colleagues. We guarantee great conversations and big smiles around the table with ENOUGH foods on it!

  • Great Taste is key

Insects can be consumed in all possible ways: fried, roasted, cooked, minced, you name it. You can snack on them directly, use as a salad toping, in your pasta. They play along with almost anything due to their naturally gentle nutty flavour. ENOUGH snacks can be consumed directly from the pack at any moment of the day. Delicious and easy! Tasty snack to rock your senses and take your diet to the next level. Our FUNKY FALAFEL come in three classy flavours: original (can never go wrong), paprika (for spicy lovers) and spinach (for green lovers) and can be further personalized based on your food fetish. Want to add fried garlic, onion or give more panko crunch? Anything is possible. Check our blog tips. We give ENOUGH familiar flavours so you can go blind into unknown at the comfort of having familiar taste. Insectilicious!

  • Saving planetary resources 

Environmental resources are limited so we have to think of more efficient, circular and future-proof ways of producing nutritious foods. Insects play a big role in this sustainable protein transition. Little water, land and feed is needed to produce edible insects, so it is a no brainer why many forward thinking farmers are moving into insect farming. Insects can be fed on organic food waste so they also help to recover essential nutrients from foods that would be wasted. Insects are 10 times more efficient in converting feed into meat than cattle and 80%-100% of an insect is edible compared to 40% of beef. Also, no food waste is created as usually the whole insect can be eaten. No methane and very little CO2 is produced by insects compared to traditional livestock practices. Simply, there are ENOUGH reasons for giving insects their well-deserved space in our food system!

Measure your environmental impact with our impact calculator

  • Nutrition beyond protein

Protein production constantly increases to meet the demand of a growing and wealthier population, but we actually don’t need to eat more protein. Instead we need to choose future-proof sources of protein (yes insects are the one!). Insects are rich source of protein but also essential micronutrients, good fats and fibre. Perfect protein rich, wholesome food for logical thinkers, the visionaries, data nerds, semi-vegetarians, flexitarians, entovegans, conscious meat eaters and anyone who wants uncompromised nutrition without compromising on taste experience. We are footprintarians and we strive for a positive environmental impact. We are ENOUGH!

          Good fats

Insects contain mostly unsaturated fats (the good ones!) such as polyunsaturated linoleic acid (omega-6), alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and monounsaturated oleic acid (omega-9) which is the major fatty acid found in olive oil. Snack away, guilt-free!


Insects are rich in calcium, magnesium and iron. Our Mighty Mealworms Chili Mix is a great source of iron, a micronutrient responsible for oxygen transport, red blood cells formation and reduction of tiredness and fatigue! More energy to be hoppy!


Insects are a good source of B vitamins. Our Crispy Crickets with Chickpeas are a great source of B12, a vitamin needed for normal blood function and transforming our food into energy. ENOUGH energy to be hoppy!


Insects contain chitin, a type of insoluble fibre that your gut microbiota loves! Fibre is often lacking in our diets due to the processed foods we eat, but it is essential for our gut health. ENOUGH guts, ENOUGH glory!

So, Why not?

It is just a matter of perception in the beginning but after the first bite it becomes as normal as crunching some peanuts. We love to play around with food, not the planet.

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