Delivery time The Netherlands
Orders placed before 22:00 are aimed to be delivered the next day.

Delivery time other European countries
Belgium: 1 – 2 working days
Germany: 3 working days
France: 3 working days

Courier partners
Enough works with the reliable partners PostNL and DHL

Shipment costs
To get the products delivered at your address we charge a shipping fee of €3,95. We try to keep this as low and fair as possible. Delivering a product is a costly and labour-intensive thing to do. For that reason, we also decide not to provide free returns. Returning products puts a lot of pressure on the environment because of unnecessary car drives and because of unusable products and packages afterwards. Therefore, we ask you as a customer to shop consciously and with care.

Free delivery
We provide customers with free shipping on all orders from €45+.

Does it fit the mailbox?
Depending on the number of items that you purchase it may fit your mailbox. You can expect that four food items can fit your mailbox. For that reason, we try to pack it in the most efficient way so that you don’t have to be at home for your package to be delivered.

In case the package does not fit the mailbox and you happen not to be at home, the courier will try to deliver it at one of your neighbour’s houses. In case that also doesn’t work out the package will be brought to the closest pick up point. In any case the courier will leave you a note.

I am not happy with my Enough product(s)
We try our ultimate best to provide you with the best possible products and inform you well on them through product descriptions and clear photo’s. In case you are not fully satisfied with your products you can return your product within 14 days. Please contacts us and give us some feedback on as we love to make our products better ervery day. 

How do I return the product?
Please print out the Return form, fill it in and include it in your package. Use the same original package of how it has been shipped to you. After we receive the product you will receive a full refund from all payments made to Enough till that point through bank transfer, in Euros. In case you return only part of your order, the previous shipment costs made will not be covered. We try to handle your return as quickly as possible.

Return costs:
Please note that we can't cover return shipping costs and thus return costs are paid by the party that wishes to return the goods. We know that in the Netherlands we became used to free shipping and free returns initiated by the big E-commerce companies, but we cannot justify such costly and environmentally damaging activities to ourselves. Fortunately, we know that you understand.